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Hey! I'm Morgan, workout fanatic and queen of sass. I am a competitive tennis player and will be on the Vassar College Varsity tennis team starting in August! It is truly my dream school and I can't wait to go.
If you have a question or just want to talk, don't hesitate to message me! :)
xoxo - Morgan
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fitness blog :)
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A breakfast with all my favourite things: Chia Seed Pudding mixed with Oatmeal and Quinoa, with Mango, Banana, Apple, Papaya and Melon topped with Peanut Butter and Black Sesame Seeds. We’ve just passed mid-June and I feel like I’ve done enough Oatmeal breakfasts for another oatmeal retrospective, but chia seed and oatmeal with quinoa (and all the fruit!) is just another level of perfection.
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2014 MTV Video Music Awards (x)
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